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I'm really pissed about it, too. And its just a bonus on top of a night when Holly wanted a boob in her mouth 24/7. So, hey. Did I ever say something dumb like Holly was a different or better sleeper than Robin?

I really hate my husband right now, because he is asleep, and he gets to sleep every night.

So my IUD got placed and it was and is no big deal. The anticipation was the worst part. The placement itself was uncomfortable but quick. I've had some mild cramping (not even as bad as my worst regular cramps, I'd say) and a tiny bit of spotting. I honestly don't even notice a thing different. So I'm hoping it stays this way and I can give it two thumbs up. Only BAD thing is that she trimmed the strings a little short and due to the way the thing is sitting, she can't visually check it's placement, so I have to get my first ultrasound to check my birth control in a month :P.

I'm angry.
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Went to the doc earlier this week for a checkup and to talk about getting an IUD. I'd heard iffy things about this doc (gave bad BFing advice) but she's convenient to our house so I went with her anyway. I kind of liked her, she was nice and I felt like she was good at flagging potential problems. She asked me a lot about the fatigue I experience and talked to me about options for dealing with potential depression (and highlighted counseling and yoga/exercise before saying that a low-dose antidepressant was also an option). I guess my thyroid is a little prominent so she had some bloodwork done (I guess it must be normal, they were supposed to be back yesterday and she said she'd call if it was abnormal... but maybe she's busy). She's also checking my vit D levels and some other stuff as well. She recommended that I lose some weight (but was sure to ask me what weight I would feel comfortable with and that I could maintain). I mean, yes, I'd love to weigh 130 instead of 150, I just don't know when I'll squeeze this yoga and exercise into my day. But I will try to at some point in the next whenever. I know she's right, I *would* feel better. Ugh, stupid good advice.

She agreed that I'm a great candidate for the IUD, gave the whole spiel, and then said "sometimes they won't approve it for contraception but will approve it for menstrual problems, so, have you had any problems with your period?" And I was like "yeah, it's really heavy, right?" which was funny. So once it gets approved I'll get it inserted (weirdly nervous about this). I'm really excited about having a condom-free sex life. Now if I could only manage to be awake enough to have sex...

Holly's sleep is crappy! I think I broke her. I think I made the same mistakes I made with Robin and now she'll only sleep 45 minutes at a time and freaks if there's no boob in her mouth. FUCK. I don't know how to fix this, either, without making her cry, and Holly's cry BREAKS MY HEART INTO TEENSY PIECES because she is SO SWEET AND LOVING. She seems to take it really PERSONALLY that there's no boob (whereas Robin just seemed insulted). Siiighhh.

She's sitting up on her own for a minute or two at a time. Still a little unsteady but really close. She's so excited about this. She's getting mad when I put her in the Bumbo :P.


Jun. 15th, 2010 05:26 pm
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I can't seem to fall asleep anymore. I tried for 2 hours last night and again today I have been lying in bed for an hour or more trying to fall asleep and I can't when I am desperately exhausted. I don't know what to do about this, I need sleep so badly but I can't sleep and it's not like I can take benadryl or something.

Last night I was so tired I was basically incoherent and crazy and it was good I wasn't operating heavy machinery. We had another horrible night with Robin and I had a window of opportunity for a nap that has been blown and I don't know if I will make it through the afternoon. I am so sick of being in a constant state of crisis and omg what will I do, I can't fucking stand it anymore.


Mar. 4th, 2010 08:12 am
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We did go to the clinic and it turns out Robin has an ear infection. Now the rest of us have caught the cold that started this whole thing, which makes me feel awful. I HATE that Holly is sick at 5 weeks, and I HATE that I had to cancel my 2nd day back to teaching.

Also, our midwifery bill is dead.

This week can suck it!!
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I'm getting kinda berated over at Natural Family for not pinning Robin down and thoroughly brushing her teeth every night. How do you do dental hygiene with your kid? We give Robin her toothbrush with toothpaste on it and she usually brushes them sort of haphazardly, but they do get some attention. Sometimes she'll let me finish up. We don't brush in the morning, and I don't force her to do it or do it for her because I figure later on, I'll want her to have positive associations. But apparently this is dooming her to dental surgery under general anesthesia :P.


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