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I had a great, energizing meeting with two members of my committee this morning that has me seriously thinking about bumping comps back to the spring semester. As much as I hate to do it, it wouldn't change THAT much in terms of my time to completion (may not change it at all), and it would really allow me to dig into comps, immerse myself in school for ONCE, and do this thing RIGHT and not half-assed like I've been doing coursework for the last however long. I think that, given the time and dedication, I might actually be really good at this. I think my ideas might be kind of exciting, and that I might be capable of seriously good work. But I've never given myself that chance before. Rushing comps for the sake of rushing comps seems kind of stupid. Comps -- like a baby -- might need 9 months to be born.

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Good things are happening for me in the whole SCHOOL dept, so I figured I should catalog them here.

So, I had a very positive meeting with my adviser on Friday (her emails suck but in person she is great). She gave me a few things to accomplish in about 2 weeks' time, and it is going really well. The #1 thing I have to do is pull together my committee, which I was worried might be really hard but has gone great, so I have 4 people on board. I probably need 1 more person and then I'll be set. Then it's on to the next thing (finishing that DAMNED incomplete from 2 years ago, and writing up the memo/firming stuff up with profs).


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