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... because I feel like a total failure in every way today. Holly got me up at 4:45. I hoped for something like a nap, but the power blipped off and on a dozen times and then a bunch of trains moved through. Have I mentioned the heat? We have a heat index of 110 today, and a dew point of 80. I was feeling wussy about it, but looking at the numbers I am realizing that yes, it's legitimately FUCKING HOT and even Oklahomans would be whining.

I took Robin and Holly to the tot lot this morning and had ambitions of going to the mall play area and/or children's museum if the power stayed off, but since it came back on I've been sitting on my ass watching tv all afternoon and I don't think I'll change that. Don't ask me how much Caillou Robin has watched today. It's embarrassing. Also embarrassing is the fact that I have no plans for dinner. Brian will be home late.


snowed in

Dec. 9th, 2009 08:20 am
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It's officially a blizzard. We got over 10 inches of snow and the wind is insane this morning. The university actually canceled classes. I really need to spend the day grading :P but with both Brian and Robin home all day it makes me just want to PLAY!
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We are all super tired this morning, which makes no sense! I took a nap at 10 am, and Robin fell asleep at 10:30 (which is like 11:30 "normal" time, which is STILL early). Brian is napping now. I'm worried that this adjustment is going to suck! :P

I'm sitting in stinky pajamas finishing my lunch of Chinese takeout leftovers and muffins (?). I feel like I'm just killing time until we go see 2 potential houses at 2:30. I can't find 2 important books that I need to read THISWEEK and I'm annoyed at Brian for this, because he has moved my school stuff 3 or 4 times this semester. I've checked everywhere reasonable I can think of and am worried I'll have to buy them a second time and fast ship them from Amazon to have them get here LATE. ARGH.



Jun. 13th, 2008 10:40 am
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What do we do about the cats? This is killing me. Brian is going to see if he can park at the bottom of the hill and walk to them. The river is supposed to crest on Wednesday but it's unclear when we'll be able to move back in - maybe not for a week. It's also unclear if Brian will be able to get to the house today or if his access will be blocked later on when the water rises further.

There is a shelter for temporary stays open for animals. Should we attempt to get the cats out of the house and to the shelter, or set out tons of food and water and litter and wait it out?

Please help me get perspective on this.


Jun. 12th, 2008 07:34 pm
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Today has been the worst day.

Funeral - heartbreaking. Still processing this.

Brian called to tell me that things are "getting grim" and after talking to a few people I decide to drive back immediately with Robin (who, bless her heart, slept almost the entire way home).

I arrive to an empty, dark house, after driving through standing water to get to our street.

Our street has been evacuated and we had to leave the cats there for the time being.

Brian had frantically been trying to reach me but my cell didn't get the calls. He got us a hotel room. He thought we were dead and literally sobbed when we got there. I've never seen him cry.

So here we are -- in a hotel room, without our cats, worried and exhausted and very sad. Things do indeed look grim and I'm not sure what's going to happen.
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Simon killed a mouse in the garage and left it on the step for me to find. Simon, of all cats - our wussiest one! I'm waiting for Brian to come home and see what he says. I don't know whether to be proud or sad. It was an adorable little gray mousie. Poor little guy.

MORE WINTER WEATHER. I know I live in Iowa but COME ON, I'd like to go to class without fearing for my life on the drive home. Being pregnant just makes me extra paranoid and spooked. If this crap could wait ONE WEEK until I don't have to be on campus but once or twice, life would be GOOD.

Our DVD player died last night. Waahh!! Come on, we only used it daily for four years, sometimes leaving it on all night accidentally um.... I guess it had a good run for a crappy modern electronic appliance :).


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