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I fucked up our money situation, kind of badly, by being stupid. Siiiiigh.
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I can't find Robin's soc sec card, so I don't know her soc sec number, which means we can't finish our taxes. I've looked everywhere and have found my card, my birth certificate, and Robin's birth certificate, but not her card. I know she has one because I used to enroll her in our health care last summer. I think this means I will have to go down to the SS office and wait in a fucking line with a toddler all to be told that I'll have to wait for the card? Don't know if they'll tell it to me right away or not. DREADING THIS.

Also, if we don't get our loan disbursement soon my head will explode. We are down to the last penny yet again this week waiting for Brian to get paid Friday and are behind on multiple bills. JUST GIVE US THE FUCKING MONEY. I'd call but I'm sure they'll say that they don't know when the money will get here and that it "takes a few weeks" from the time of acceptance. I just want to pay BILLS.

OK, I ended up going to the SSA office in Iowa City and they fixed everything in like 5 seconds (luckily/randomly I had Robin's most recent immunization record in the car and was able to use this for her ID). All that stress for nothing. I think in my head I was picturing the SSA office from when I got married, which served most of OKC and was therefore huge and took forever. This office had 3 chairs and no one else was there. So, taxes can be completed, which is awesome. And I got yet another letter about the disbursement of my student aid which must mean money is on the way, right???
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OK, I decided to cough up the $20 fee so I can forward yahoo accounts. Then I realized that yahooplus will only apply to one of my fucking yahoo IDs, so I will still have to check one of them through the yahoo website. RIP. OFF. WHY DOES YAHOO SUCK AND YET REMAIN SO CRUCIAL TO MY EMAILING LIFE??? Fuck. At least I only check 2 websites now instead of 4. Off to play with pretty pretty gmail.


Jul. 9th, 2008 06:46 am
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My paid acct expires today. I will miss thee, userpics and being ad free!! Stupid responsible budgeting!!!


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