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Things are going pretty well over here. We've settled into a manageable routine for now anyway... Brian has been taking Robin to daycare and going in to work a little later. I pick her up (with Holly's varying cooperation, sometimes she's cool with the carseat, sometimes less so... I haven't had the guts to take her anywhere farther away than the daycare!) and we come home. I try to nurse Robin for at least 5 minutes, again with Holly's varying cooperation, after which I get up and leave and she usually falls asleep within a few minutes.

After naptime we hang out. If I'm lucky, we have a visitor, but those have been few and far between. Being at home with both girls is not bad at all -- the sling saves my bacon regularly.

Mostly I sit around on the computer doing some jobhunt stuff for Brian and avoiding school related stuff (blech, I should be working on a paper. Next week! I swear!).

I had a pp visit yesterday... Holly is up from her birth weight to 8 lb 7 oz (yay!). Her head grew 2 cm. She has been declared perfect. Her eyes have been really goopy so we are going ahead and doing some abx ointment. I think it's already helping.

OK. She just pooped through her diaper. Gotta go.


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