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I had a baby today.


Holly Geraldine born at 10:06 am after 8 hours of labor -- 8 lbs 4 oz 20.5 inches (longer and skinnier than I expected!).

She looks exactly like Robin did as a newborn, but duskier skin and darker hair. She has already nursed about a zillion times and has made 2 enormous poops in her short life.

I will post about the birth soon, maybe? I feel like I should take some time to process before I write about it, although I will say that YES it was shorter, YES it was intense, and YES birth still hurts like hell. I feel great, though, and didn't tear at ALL (wooo!!!).

Holly is a name we liked. Geraldine is for Brian's grandmother. Robin has already given her many kisses and shared nanas with her. But she was pissed when Brian took her back for her nap and I didn't come, nor did BABY 'OLLY!

It's all snowy out and everyone is sleeping but me.
pics and deets soon!!
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sorry if i kept you all in suspense. no baby, no signs of baby. i'm kind of to the point where instead of thinking "why not today??" i think "why today?" i just don't see this birth happening any time soon. sorry! i got adjusted at the chiro this morning, and yesterday at a FOIM mtg i got a bunch of acupressure, but nothing seems different.
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Every single blessed thing is in place for the birth right now. I just got this email from our midwife:

So...we are expecting a big ice storm tomorrow and Thurs so, of course, you will go into labor then. Call early...

See you soon!


Please join me in sending some vibes to the baby to head our way tonight/early tomorrow! Maybe if we have collective brain waves working, my uterus will get its act together and everything will fall into place.

I'm going to get some rest.
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I'm probably going to stop updating until the baby gets here because I'm feeling really demoralized and frustrated and don't want to spend all my time complaining about bouts of false labor (more of which I had in the middle of the night last night). So... if I seem quiet, it's probably not because of labor, because apparently THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN... it's because I just think I need to step away and be inside my own head.

no news

Jan. 15th, 2010 07:59 pm
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Things have quieted down considerably this evening, and I was able to get a nap in. Maybe tomorrow? Who knows. Going to rest up and eat a good dinner. xo!


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:51 am
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Tried to take a nap and had contractions AGAIN for over an hour that went away when I got up. I'd like to EITHER be in labor OR take a nap, thankyouverymuch!


Jan. 1st, 2010 09:23 am
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It's the year and month my baby will be born, which could technically (although it's highly unlikely it will) happen as soon as next WEDNESDAY. o_O
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I've only had one dream about this baby during the pregnancy, and that was verrrrrry early on when I dreamed it was a little girl. Last night I finally had another birth/baby dream!

In the dream we were at my grandmother's old house, which was really neat. I actually use that as a visualization for labor (early on, anyway), walking through her house and thinking about how I know every detail of it. It's a very comfortable and familiar place for me -- it pretty much captures my sense of home. ANYWAY, I'm in labor, but then I leave the living room where I am laboring and go wait in the kitchen. In some weird way, the baby is born without me being there. I'm in the kitchen with this weird "it's strange to not be birthing my baby" sensation. Then the baby has been born, so Brian and I walk back to the living room, and my midwife hands me the baby. I hold the baby up with a head under his head and his butt so he is face up and I see that it is a long boy with dark brown hair (almost absurd, wig-like brown hair). The baby is completely asleep, not moving at all. In my mind, I say, "aha, it's [boy name]!" and turn to show Brian. Brian sees that it's a boy and says, "Bummer." !!! Then I wake up.

When I told Brian about this he was very offended that my brain would construct him in that way. When I told him I'd dreamed we had a boy, for the record, he said "Yay!"
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Some info/thoughts...

- This baby's EDD is Jan 20th.
- Robin arrived a little earlier than her EDD, around 39w3d. Robin was 8lb5oz and 18 in. She had brownish red hair and blue eyes at birth although now is a total towhead.
- Me, my sister, and Robin were all born early on the Sunday mornings nearest our EDDs (my Mom was not induced either time).

My thoughts?? Ummmm... well, I do think gender could go either way but most of the time I think it's a girl. I think the baby will probably arrive a little before the EDD, but not crazy early, and that the baby will be similar in size to Robin although probably longer (18 in is short!). I think this baby will be darker in coloring, and probably have brown hair. I'm not sure about birth time, sometimes I envision it happening in the afternoon and sometimes in the dark. (Brian is like nazi youth, btw -- very blond and blue eyed -- so the genes could kind of go in any direction!)

As I've extensively blogged, the pregnancies have been very similar except I have gained less weight this time, yet am measuring ahead, and this baby acts very differently in utero.

I'm holding off on my entry until some people have made guesses.


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