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I'm beginning to think facebook is a bad thing. Twice I've found old friends from 10 or 20 years ago, friended them, and had it result in -- disillusionment? One person I used to very close to, although we never met in person, and I missed him a lot when we lost touch. I used to think we would get along so well, be such good friends, as adults. Now we're fb friends and all I learn about him is that he's this ultraconservative Catholic and church is basically his whole life. Bleh. It's tainted that sweet memory of him. The other is my best friend from childhood (I talked about her in the past -- the lawyer-personal-trainer-gorgeous-blond?). I friended her, she's nearing the end of a pregnancy, I got annoyed by her constant updates counting down to when she meets her baby (because WTF, why does a personal trainer/yoga teacher get voluntarily INDUCED??) so I decided to "hide" her until after she had her baby. Then yesterday I figured out that she's DEFRIENDED me. So now this historic, huge relationship from my golden childhood has ended with a FACEBOOK DEFRIENDING. I keep obsessing over why should would do this and should I write her a note if only to say "have a nice life"? It's so depressing to think about this lame website as the "end" to any significant relationship in my life. I wish I'd never found them!
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OK, I decided to cough up the $20 fee so I can forward yahoo accounts. Then I realized that yahooplus will only apply to one of my fucking yahoo IDs, so I will still have to check one of them through the yahoo website. RIP. OFF. WHY DOES YAHOO SUCK AND YET REMAIN SO CRUCIAL TO MY EMAILING LIFE??? Fuck. At least I only check 2 websites now instead of 4. Off to play with pretty pretty gmail.
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I have 4 email accounts -- a school acct, 2 yahoo accts, and gmail. I would really, really, really like to not check 4 websites every day but I don't see how it's going to work. I tried setting up yahoo's fancy new homepage, which will check 1 yahoo acct and gmail, but gmail is the least used of my email addresses so it doesn't really help me. Yahoo refuses to be pop'ed to other email addresses. I could phase one out but both yahoo addys are kind of crucial - one I've had for about 6 years and use for basically all non-school correpondence and mailing lists, and the other is my midwifery stuff so I don't want to get rid of it when that's my contact for so many ppl. I have a mac and don't know much about the Mail application but I'm not super thrilled about using software like that, but if it's easy to set up and my life would be made simpler than I will do it. What I wish I could do is get gmail to collect all my email from every acct but I don't see that happening.



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