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Some info/thoughts...

- This baby's EDD is Jan 20th.
- Robin arrived a little earlier than her EDD, around 39w3d. Robin was 8lb5oz and 18 in. She had brownish red hair and blue eyes at birth although now is a total towhead.
- Me, my sister, and Robin were all born early on the Sunday mornings nearest our EDDs (my Mom was not induced either time).

My thoughts?? Ummmm... well, I do think gender could go either way but most of the time I think it's a girl. I think the baby will probably arrive a little before the EDD, but not crazy early, and that the baby will be similar in size to Robin although probably longer (18 in is short!). I think this baby will be darker in coloring, and probably have brown hair. I'm not sure about birth time, sometimes I envision it happening in the afternoon and sometimes in the dark. (Brian is like nazi youth, btw -- very blond and blue eyed -- so the genes could kind of go in any direction!)

As I've extensively blogged, the pregnancies have been very similar except I have gained less weight this time, yet am measuring ahead, and this baby acts very differently in utero.

I'm holding off on my entry until some people have made guesses.
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