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I've only had one dream about this baby during the pregnancy, and that was verrrrrry early on when I dreamed it was a little girl. Last night I finally had another birth/baby dream!

In the dream we were at my grandmother's old house, which was really neat. I actually use that as a visualization for labor (early on, anyway), walking through her house and thinking about how I know every detail of it. It's a very comfortable and familiar place for me -- it pretty much captures my sense of home. ANYWAY, I'm in labor, but then I leave the living room where I am laboring and go wait in the kitchen. In some weird way, the baby is born without me being there. I'm in the kitchen with this weird "it's strange to not be birthing my baby" sensation. Then the baby has been born, so Brian and I walk back to the living room, and my midwife hands me the baby. I hold the baby up with a head under his head and his butt so he is face up and I see that it is a long boy with dark brown hair (almost absurd, wig-like brown hair). The baby is completely asleep, not moving at all. In my mind, I say, "aha, it's [boy name]!" and turn to show Brian. Brian sees that it's a boy and says, "Bummer." !!! Then I wake up.

When I told Brian about this he was very offended that my brain would construct him in that way. When I told him I'd dreamed we had a boy, for the record, he said "Yay!"
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