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Apr. 22nd, 2010 05:50 am
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Robin's illness continues. Her coughing finally woke her up at 5 am. I had her use the inhaler, which we've been practicing with. It seems to not have made a ton of difference. I am not sure I'm using it perfectly, it's hard to get a toddler to comply with a face mask, but I thought it would make more of a difference. I gave it to her 20 min ago and only just now is her cough slowing down but it certainly hasn't gone away. I just don't understand how she can get a cough every. single. time she has a virus with NO EXPLANATION, and it NOT be viral-induced asthma. **BANGS HEAD AGAINST WALL REPEATEDLY** This was my silver bullet and now I'm really worried we'll just be dealing with this awful cough FOR LIFE with NO RECOURSE.

I'll have to call my doctor. (Have I mentioned our new doctor and how much I like him? I took Robin to her WBV last week and we had a great talk. He tested this weird rash on her knee that she's had since JULY and 2 days ago he CALLED ME to tell me the results. Then he said he'd check on it again when I bring Holly in May 4th -- probably the closest I'll ever get to back-to-back appts or whatever. I told him about Robin's frequent nightwaking and he asked some Qs, mostly to rule out night terrors, and then said, "Well... that sucks!" Ha.)

Yet she has no fever and is in fine spirits, and is even eating about the same as usual ("cerealmilk" as she calls it... cheerios and milk). So I'm confused and uncertain about how to move forward. The whole do-I-send-her-to-daycare-or-not debate is getting soooo old. Childcare is supposed to solve problems, right? I could let her stay home with the nanny and Holly. SIIIIIGGGHHHH.

We set up a new toy shelf with bins and a sling bookshelf in the never ending quest to use our small space more efficiently. I keep hoping that if she can see them, Robin will play more with her toys instead of messing with our stuff and whining :).

Robin just said that something on tv was "really annoying." Ha. At least she's in a good mood, at least she's in a good mood, at least she's in a good mood...


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