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of course holly wd pick the day of a car trip to wake at 445 :P. (nak) christine is here and she and i are driving the girls down to visit my parents in kansas city. i'm nervous, of course: the longest i've driven with both is 2.5 hrs and that was 3 months ago. this drive is 5 hrs :/. we are going to ignore naptime (at our own peril) and try to get out early(ish -- have some errands) so if we need to take frequent breaks we'll still get there at a decent time, figure out sleeping arrangements (ah, the magical beds of my family follow us wherever we go... i can't bedshare with robin, ideally not roomshare either, and they both need pitch black rooms), and god willing settle robin in. holly is still young enough that she'll sleep wherever... robin notsomuch.

i'm nervous about the usual suspects, but excited at a change of scenery, a yard to play in, good food and conversation, and maybe a trip to the zoo.

brian is going to stay here and do a ton of cleaning and hopefully smoke pot and play guitar and have fun as a manly man, and not mope and be like "i miss you" which of course he will but COME ON, he's getting to be alone for days on end!! OPPORTUNITY!

anyway. holly has fallen back asleep now so...
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Another post while I hope that Robin stays asleep. Long day today -- up at 5:30, lots of farting, lots of errand running and Dad fun time. She loves her feet and her jumperoo.

For a week or so I was visiting people in my dreams -- my dead uncle, my bff from hs whose mommy died, Brian's pregnant cousin who's been on my mind. Then I dreamed that my Mom had died, and it felt very real, and it took a few minutes after I woke up to figure out that it wasn't. Then I dreamed that my Dad had died, too, and the same thing -- extremely real grief (then real relief!). All of this makes me hope I can find a job near my parents when I finish. I wouldn't want to be further away from them than we are now. So cross your fingers for a decent job waiting for me in Missouri, or maybe Lawrence KS, or Iowa in general since we love it here, too. I didn't grow up around my grandparents and wish I had... I want that for Robin, and I want to be there for my folks as they get older. I mean, my oldest uncle is 60. That's like, old. My dear wonderful uncle died from a terrible illness but they'll all die... we'll all die... morbid thoughts lately. :/ Anyway, I don't want to be worrying about my parents' health long distance, and I want them to see a lot more of their grandkids than my grandparents got to. See. Bad English.

I'm starting to think this whole move thing is just impossible. Take EVERYTHING we have in one place and move it somewhere else? That just boggles.

I went to the eye doc today and got poked and dilated and have new 'specs on the way. They're the exact same style as my current ones, only a more mature MILFy tortoiseshell instead of bright red. Can't wait. My eye doc is really good. He talks very fast but he explains everything well and I learn something from him every time. Robin gets a freebie infant screening if we take her before she turns 1... that should be fun, right?

Thunderstorms headed our way.

I fed Robin a bottle for the first time today. We brought some milk with us while I got my eyes checked and Brian ran myriad errands with the egg. She did great up until the last time we popped her in the carseat. The sun was in her face and she was generally having an old school meltdown (she barely fusses now that we have her in the superluxe Britax carseat). At a red light I jumped into the backseat, shielded her eyes, and gave her the bottle. At first she just chewed on it, but then she drank about half the milk. My milk let down while I was feeding her. I like nursing better (but I'm glad she hasn't forgotten how to take the bottle).


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