crazy week

May. 3rd, 2010 02:06 pm
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I keep intended to update and not having time to process everything before a kid wakes up! It was an intense week sans daycare, and sans Brian for a day, plus a car trip with both girls, plus a Friends of Iowa Midwives steering committee meeting, plus having a friend over for dinner. A hectic, stressful, but overall good week. And it makes my regular daily life seem downright cushy in terms of time and help and whatnot.


Ummm... life is good for the time being, and we had a few really good nights of sleep with Robin (last night sucked tho).

More later. Sorry!!
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thx for the support yesterday. the afternoon ended up going fine. robin slep much better (i think your allergy tip helped, [ profile] need4cognition) but holly was very restless from gas (i ate too many brussel sprouts, i guess!). i did keep r home from daycare today to try and avoid whatever bug our provider's son has. we had a great morning -- park, library. nap went well, and this aft [ profile] rroso came and entertained the girls while i took a nap for the first time in, hmmm, 12 weeks??!! it was incredible. brian got off work early and i made black bean and corn salad with fresh cilantro from our porch garden -- incredible!!

so, a very good day.

I'm lonely

Mar. 22nd, 2010 01:13 pm
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I'm so lonely that I'm kind of starting flame wars on facebook with healthcare reform haters (apparently I went to HS with a bunch, and gave birth at the same time as a bunch). I need more friends. I need to talk to grown ups more.

I've had a rough few days.
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If you have a wonderful husband, fiancé or boyfriend that works hard to provide for you and would do anything just for you and your family, then repost this as your status to give the honest well behaved men out there the recognition that they deserve! Great men are few and far between, and I have one!


i added a bunch of women from my ddc and some are uber conservative.

"well behaved"???
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I'm beginning to think facebook is a bad thing. Twice I've found old friends from 10 or 20 years ago, friended them, and had it result in -- disillusionment? One person I used to very close to, although we never met in person, and I missed him a lot when we lost touch. I used to think we would get along so well, be such good friends, as adults. Now we're fb friends and all I learn about him is that he's this ultraconservative Catholic and church is basically his whole life. Bleh. It's tainted that sweet memory of him. The other is my best friend from childhood (I talked about her in the past -- the lawyer-personal-trainer-gorgeous-blond?). I friended her, she's nearing the end of a pregnancy, I got annoyed by her constant updates counting down to when she meets her baby (because WTF, why does a personal trainer/yoga teacher get voluntarily INDUCED??) so I decided to "hide" her until after she had her baby. Then yesterday I figured out that she's DEFRIENDED me. So now this historic, huge relationship from my golden childhood has ended with a FACEBOOK DEFRIENDING. I keep obsessing over why should would do this and should I write her a note if only to say "have a nice life"? It's so depressing to think about this lame website as the "end" to any significant relationship in my life. I wish I'd never found them!


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